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Post  Kamiko-Chama on Wed Mar 30, 2011 4:25 pm

Gender: Female
Species: Half Vampire Half Human
Personality: Kind of loopy. Happy alot. She gets little bursts of energy once and a while. She is a sucker for cute animals and trusts people a little to esaly. She is usualy smilely. She is nice, but sometimes she can get a little violent, but if you know her you get used to it.
Aperance: Black hair usually up, gooes about to her uperbackish/waistish. golden eyes. She has a soft light complexion. There isnt to much abnormal about her. She always wears a dog tag with her dead brothers name on it.
History: Her parents split when she was just a little girl, it tore her whole family apart. Her oldest brother and sister moved into an apartment and took over care of her. Her other older brother was a trouble maker, and would steel cars and drive them around. He ended up getting into a car accident when he had cleaned up and was taking the driving test so he could get a lisance.
Any Attacks: She collects knives and such and keeps them under her bead and can attack in anger but isn't so good at stratigizing.
Extra info: She gets scared esily and is afraid of manythings, though she never shows it.

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