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Post  Shroomiesan on Thu Mar 31, 2011 2:45 pm

Name: Li'radri
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Elf
Personality: Changing:Its good willed to many, but hateful and biased to others for very little reason.

Appearance: 5'9 feet tall, Pointed ears of his kind, but curved back at the tips. Sleek forest green hair that puffs up should he experience high emotion. A very slender build, sickly almost. Wears only a locket and a single ring for jewelry. Wears a robe of midnight blue with a v-neck collar. Basic ankle wrap sandals are worn on his feet.

History: Orphaned at a young age, he taught himself fire magic from a stolen tome of power. He then turned to the military for a source of income. With his natural grasp of magic and high level of fire based destruction spells, the military happily accepted him into their ranks. He has since retired from service and now takes mercenary work to supply his daily needs.

Any Attacks: Large area of effect fire spells, Localized fire based spells, summoning flames for more mundane uses such as lighting fires, as well as a number of lesser magics that rely on the time of day to use since he has yet to properly study other branches of magic outside fire.

Extra info: The locket he carries contains two things: A picture of an unknown loved one and a potent fire trap that will incinerate any but him that attempt to open the locket. The ring he wears for that particular day amplifies his magic in a field outside fire, allowing him to use other magics if the time of day is right.

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