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Post  Shroomiesan on Tue May 10, 2011 3:34 pm

*name: Pas
*age: 15
*appearance: A short but lanky looking child with long fingers for his age. Not yet grown into the height his appearance suggests he should have. Black hair a little over an inch long, yet completely uncontrollable. Always having a messy look regardless of whats done to it. Pale skin of someone that rarely goes outside, yet never tans when he stays in the sun. He normally wears bulky sneakers, long socks, shorts(long) and a simple cotton tee. However, he also wears a tan overcoat filled with hundreds of pockets, so you'd never see what he normally wears.
*history/personality: he grew up in an orphanage, yet has never bothered to think of his parents. Preferring to stay by himself and taking the time to learn about everything that interests him. While nice and helpful to people in general, he will become quiet rude and obsessive should he find something interesting he doesn't know about yet. Two particular interests of his are magic and drawing.
*ability: To be able to bring anything he draws into reality and command/use it. Drawback: The more realistic the drawing that he brings into reality, the harsher the power drain he experiences. The quality of the drawing also effects its quality when its brought into reality. Example: a badly drawn apple, will taste horrible. A perfect drawing of a sword could cut through diamond.

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