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Post  Kamiko-Chama on Mon May 09, 2011 6:11 pm

Name: Blanca Wisteria Lweis
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Speices: Half human, half rabbit.
Aperance: Very large eyes, one black the other green. Short white hair going down to her shoulders a strip of green down the side of her hair. A pale complection with a bright shine to it. A mysterious look to her eyes, her mouth small and plump. A slight body with small curves and large assests for her size.
Personality: Quiet and a small like girl with a developing personality. She is unsure of manythings and doesnt know right from left. She cant figure much out, but has a great way of knowing how someone is feeling and guessing their past, as well as remembering any numbers but not letters. Letters confuse her.
History: When she was small her family fell apart and only her older brother could take care of her. He was a drug addict, at first it was recreational but it turned into addiciton so she really ended up taking care of her brother. One day, when she was 10 he left, he was 16. She watched him leave right out the front door, and when he turned and caught her looking he smiled crookedly and said "Dont be sad kiddo" And he never came back. After that day she closed herself even more than she was before, she never was an oppen flower, but she has resorted back to a bud, hopeing for someone to make her bloom one day.
Attacks: She can kick and run.
Extra info: She can down a whole XL bucket of Popcorn at a movie theater.

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