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Post  YuukaChan on Sat Apr 02, 2011 2:24 pm

Name: Yuuka Ayumuzaki

Age: 13 in human, 5 and a half counting in robot years, but she was made a few hundred years ago (Lots of numbers, I know XD)

Gender: Female

Species: Biological Killing Android, doubles as a Passion/sex/maid android

Personality: She has 3 different faces. One can be shy and quite, another can be violent and scary, and the last one can be content and joyful. Occassionally she will have a sudden urge to kill, but she is pretty good with controlling it. If that killing urge gets too strong, she will immidietly go into shut down mode. She can ignore insults, but if someone challenges her, she will fight. Overall, she is loving with her friends but shy and suspicious with anyone else. She can easily become shy, timid, and slightly insulted if the topic of herself comes up.

Aperance: Yuuka has caremell colored hair that cuts off just above her chest. Her eyes match her hair almost perfectly. Her skin is pale and soft. She will occassionally wear light blue rimmed glasses, if she was too lazy to put her contacts in. She covers it up, but there is a bar code with her model number on her lower back. She's 5'1", but seems shorter than that. Her figure is rather curvy, and since she is quite nervous about it she wears sweat shirts in a failish attempt to make her breasts seem smaller.

History: She was originally made to be a maid/pleasure android, but luckily her Master, Itsuki Ayumuzaki, bought her from that company. Well... stole her. He then finished her up, applying the rest of her bases with war experience and high tech gadgets, and, of course, a bit of real human emotions. That data base slowly grew, until she reached the highest level, love. She still doesn't have anyone, but she understands it enough to let anyone else know. She has been in tons of missions and battles, being beaten plently of times. She has an off button, and only 3 people know about it. Because she is still part sex android, she will almost instantly obey any sense of sexual tension. Not to mention the other side of her job is to be sold out to people who need a bit of 'fun,' although most of the time she slits their throats after.

Any Attacks: Lightening rod (which is similar to a light saber), her epic blaster, double pigtail lasers, Lucifer Cannon, Devil's Pentacle, and she is good at hand-to-hand combat

Extra info: Her favorite kind of sandwich is tuna. Her favorite snacks are Little Debbie's Cupcakes and Twinkies. She can't cook for crap, despite her being part maid android. She sometimes talks to herself, and is obsessed with reading sci-fi.

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